What are relationships and how do relationships influence our lives? Recent studies and conventional wisdom continue to confirm that relationships are essential to our success both regarding survival as a species, but also to our social, societal and spiritual development. How do we become better at relationships and what areContinue Reading

  We are all busy on a journey to discover ourselves. Every person has a different experience and some journeys may help others. There is an idea that may be powerful to explore which is to enter yourself.    When next you sit and think about where you are –Continue Reading

Are goals and systems in competition or are they complimentary? A goal is an objective to get something done. A system is a set of actions that seemingly have the same outcome. Why then does it happen that when we set goals – it requires changes in systems? When startingContinue Reading

Zen is the art of minimalism. To search for Zen is to find the essence of being and to express it. It comes from insight and the world outside and the world inside become one. As we are ever more searching for solutions in business it is important to drawContinue Reading

Kotter (2012) states that less than 10% of time is spent on developing strategy and more than 90% on executing it. According to Kotter’s research approximately 5% of all organizational strategies are implemented successfully, and 70% of strategic initiatives fail to meet their objectives. The remaining 25% have some levelContinue Reading

As business becomes more challenging, organisations are rediscovering the power of effective teams. It is not possible to wave a magic wand and create a high-performing, self-managed team overnight. A self-managed team needs to develop a culture of lifelong, individual and team learning. How do we best compose these hiContinue Reading

An open mind gives you a vista to a world of opportunity. A vista, being a narrow path through which you can see something that would otherwise be hidden, is also easy to miss. It is like a dark path in which there is a small light and as youContinue Reading

Strategy is an ancient art that has been talked about with great philosophers, generals and business leaders each building their own version of how to achieve the objective. At its base level we have to ask what is strategy then? Strategy comes from stratagem, which is the ploy that youContinue Reading