New ventures and even existing businesses are not immune to the powers of change. Change also happens when it is least expected and the interaction between changes definitely can lead to drastic and dramatic shifts in a business. So how do we become better at change? Is it possible toContinue Reading

When you study economics, you are taught that the price of a good or commodity is determined where there is a balance between the supply and demand for that good. If more people demand it, then the price is higher and when less is supplied then the price is alsoContinue Reading

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas of business, and so it often becomes an area that is neglected. What good marketers know is that marketing is more about putting ideas into action than it is about having good ideas. Recent thinking about innovation also equates innovation to oneContinue Reading

  We are all busy on a journey to discover ourselves. Every person has a different experience and some journeys may help others. There is an idea that may be powerful to explore which is to enter yourself.   When next you sit and think about where you are –Continue Reading