An open mind gives you a vista to a world of opportunity. A vista, being a narrow path through which you can see something that would otherwise be hidden, is also easy to miss. It is like a dark path in which there is a small light and as youContinue Reading

Strategy is an ancient art that has been talked about with great philosophers, generals and business leaders each building their own version of how to achieve the objective. At its base level we have to ask what is strategy then? Strategy comes from stratagem, which is the ploy that youContinue Reading

China just posted a 7% growth number which was higher than expected. The real amazing kicker is that it was for last quarter… Is your business even contemplating 7% growth per quarter or do you believe that the economic conditions and the world as it stands today is shaping aContinue Reading

A lot of entrepreneurs focus on their gut feel and intuition to get ahead in the game. This may not be the only or best approach and there is a lot that can be drawn from science, theory and research. Cognitive research is showing that what we experience as spiritualContinue Reading

Africa is the world’s second largest land mass and also the continent with the second largest population. About 15 percent of all humans live in Africa.   The continent has the most abundant resources but also the world lowest level of development with 25 of its 59 countries featuring inContinue Reading